Flawed Perfection

In my 35 years I have learned one thing; we will always be judged.

The important thing is we learn our value above the judgement. Women are being judged on their beauty, skills, child raising, home keeping…. simply on their womanhood. This blog is a collection of my opinions, views and day to day struggles. In all my posts, I hope to share the ability to rise above the judgement.

Every day is a new opportunity for words to tear me apart… and an even bigger opportunity forĀ  my words to help others rise above.

My posts may inspire you to try new things, to laugh, to cry, but the most important post I want to write is the one that makes you feel proud of being you. Raise your kids with the choices that are best for your family, hold your head high and do what makes you a better person, here at Flawed Perfection we are taking this life’s journey with you sharing all of our flaws in all of their perfection.