Camping Chair Review

We love to camp; we love to hang out; and during the rainy and snowy days we love to bring it all inside!

We found this amazing, relining chair on Amazon and have been in love since it arrived on our doorsteps! It has a built in foot stool. The back reclines. There is a pouch on the side for storing goodies and even a cup holder!

The chair is great for camping, fishing, relaxing with friends or dragging inside to watch your favorite movie! The color is a nice a blue, which just happens to be Jacob’s favorite. 

The chair is a comfortable fit with a headrest and footrest, for all the men in my life! From my 10 year old twins, to my teenage son to my husband! They all love relaxing and enjoying their evenings in the camping chair by Roraima. 


Get your own camping chair and start relaxing!!!

Whether you need a quick go to seat for extra company, a fishing chair to carry around in your truck or a camping seat for relaxing by the campfire, this chair is sure to fill all your needs!

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