Shadows in The Forest Board Game

We may have found our new favorite board game! It has been a while since family night meant playing a game, and with so many kids of so many different ages, that hasn’t been an easy task.

So tonight we tried a new game; Shadows in  the Forest. Imagine playing freeze tag in the dark, indoors on a board game. That is exactly this game.

It is simple enough that my 3 year old could follow along and play and yet challenging enough my 16 year old had fun. It moves rather fast so it can be played in just about 10 minutes or you can play it all night switching out the “it” person or in this case the Seeker. 

It didn’t take very long to set up or take apart afterwards and it kept the kids entertained and allowed all of them to play together nicely (or rather nicely anyway)! You can find this exciting new game at Target… Mom approved (no mess, no hassle), kid approved (fun for all). It states on the box ages 8 and up, but my 3 year old had fun and my 7 year old understood the game well enough to play by the rules.

If you and your kids love board games, give this one a try! It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to play again! 

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