Mom Bod, Yoga Pants and Getting Healthy

Mom, Bod, Yoga Pants and Getting Fit

Giving birth five times does a toll on a woman’s body. Carrying five babies throughout a 13 year period of time, does a wonder. Perhaps a wonder much like any great wonder in the world. Worn out and misshaped like the Pyramids, back out of align and leaning to one side like the Leaning Tower, a long lost memory of how beautiful she once once like the Gardens of Babylon.  Sure you can sing about the wonder land a woman’s body is, but once she has had kids, that wonder land takes on a new meaning.

In my twenties it was easier to bounce back to somewhat normalcy. There were stretch marks and a little extra weight, an extra pouch to my belly, but I still felt beautiful. But having that last child in my thirties; that’s where the realization came in that I wasn’t a kid anymore. My body was wearing out and age was setting in. (Don’t laugh, it’s true… you’re 30’s will be the first time you realize life isn’t so easy anymore) I couldn’t eat like I always had, I had to get serious about working out, normal every day routines didn’t count, I needed rest and late nights had to stop.

So as I near the final years of my 30’s I have decided no more shrugging off the extra weight every year. No more pretending not to see myself in the mirror. Just because I am a mom, doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself too. This doesn’t mean you won’t see me in Wal-Mart in my sweat pants and bagging t-shirt, hair shoveled on top of my head and make-up smeared from grimy kids hands petting Mommy’s face. This just means, that I am going to respect my body. Respect the fact it carried 5 babies to term (well, almost but since I went 4 weeks over with one, that makes up for the twins being 4 weeks early). Respect the fact that these arms have toted around children and diaper bags and toys and put together beds and moved furniture and pushed strollers and bicycles.

Most importantly, I have decided to get healthy. Beauty comes from within, and being healthy is the best way to feel beautiful. It’s also the best way to ensure a long life, so that I can enjoy my future grand-kids! I would prefer to prevent diabetes than to manage it later in life as my mother and grandmother have. And to not have heart disease like my dad and brother did.

So, just this week (a little late for a New Year’s Resolution) I have not only made a decision to get healthy, but have enlisted a friend or two to join me on my journey.

I started with some Amazon shopping, because how else does a lady get in the mood to make chances than to change her wardrobe? I got new shoes and Yoga Pants. (Can I just live in yoga pants now?) The pants are comfy, have an awesome little zipper to hide money or keys, and they look amazing on (which is a lot to say when coming from myself).

I downloaded some apps, started counting calories, salt & sugar intake, thinking up new meal plans and snacks, and working out mixing glute & ab workouts with yoga and walking. This is just week one, day three, but somehow I woke up more refreshed, actually rested. Maybe it is the fact I’m eating cleaner, or the exercise making me fall asleep faster, could be that the kids were actually in bed before 10pm. Whatever the reason; I am sticking to my goals, to be healthy and feel better inside and out. So I can be a better mom and wife.

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