Back Seat Organizer Review


Review of the Back Seat Organizer

As everyone, I am sure, now knows, I am a huge fan of Amazon. Actually to say I was addicted would be more accurate. So when we bought our new car, I started looking for something to keep the kids from kicking up the back seat. And Amazon is of course where I settled to search.

That’s when I found this amazing organizer. It not only protects my seats from scuff marks, dirty feet and tearing from snags, but it also gives the kids and myself a place to store goodies.

We travel so much between exploration days and visiting family, this is going to come in very handy. The kids can keep there coloring books, crayons, activities and toys in front of them and not lost in the seats. Snacks can easily be stored in the pockets and the trash after the snack will have a quick and easy to find home (rather than my floorboards).

I can’t wait to let the kids fill this organizer time and again as we seek out our next adventure!

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