Old McDonald’s Farm

Old McDonald had a Farm; Old McDonald’s Farm in Rapid City.

Harmony had a class trip the whole family got the opportunity to  travel along with. We enjoyed the little farm so much, we wanted to share with our readers, as it is a don’t miss stop when traveling through Rapid City, South Dakota.

The first thing you see as you pull in is the goats! There is a bridge swinging above the fence and the goats will walk across it, so you get a sneak peek before you even enter. Once inside there are pig races, baby calves to bottle feed, baby chickens to hold, ponies to ride and lots of animals to pet, look at and feed handfuls of animal snacks to.

The cost seems a little steep at first, but once inside you will understand why. These animals are well cared for, they don’t seem sad or skinny. Rather the animals are happy, running around, playing with each other and interacting with the staff and children. The pigs waddle out of their huts, their little fat butts wiggling behind them. The chickens dart, here and there, pecking at the ground. The turkeys hop from fence to fence gobbling and strutting their stuff. The ponies run to the fence to greet the visitors and greedily lick the hands of children offering a treat. The goats headbutt each other, pushing and fighting their way to the little kids who are laughing and petting their heads and scratching behind their horns. And when your visit is over, or if the rain chases you away, your ticket is good for three more days, so come back for another visit and love on the baby animals again.

Old McDonald’s Farm is located just outside of Rapid City as you drive towards Mt Rushmore.

It was a whole family affair, as my 16 year old enjoyed it nearly as much as my 3 year did. Even my husband got in on the animal fun, receiving kisses from a Lama! And if you fall in love with the animals you have a chance to purchase a chicken, duck or turkey baby to take home with you (good luck sneaking it into the hotel though!)

Old McDonald’s Farm was a fun trip and we would recommend it to locals or visitors alike!




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