My Little Pink Fan


Summer has started; it is hot; My little pink fan is a lifesaver.

Moving north, I didn’t expect these hot summers. Honestly we just had the last snow melt off a few weeks ago, and the house we rented didn’t have air conditioning, so I didn’t anticipate this at all! The heat was what I was escaping!  It seems even worse when I light the gas stove for supper.

But then I found this little pink fan. It’s not big, and doesn’t cool the whole house, but it is perfect, it keeps me cool and sane. I can move it from room to room as I clean, cook and chase kids.  I can sit it on it’s pedestal and not worry about it, or hold it by the handle and let it push the cool breeze straight into my face!

This fan comes with a charger so you don’t have to worry about keeping a stock of batteries. It is completely portable, so it goes with me from room to room and then outside. I can take it to the park while the kids play, or camping so I survive the night in a tent!

There are a few colors to choose from, mine is 50’s retro pink. My charger is candy yellow and I love how it looks and feels in my hands. There are 3 speeds, so you get a powerful breeze from such a small fan.

They sell for just $15.99 and if you have Prime there is no shipping charge! I love this little pink fan & know you will be in love with yours too! Whether you live in the north and just need a couple months reprieve from the sun, or you live in the south and need a portable breeze 11 months out of the year, this little fan will be your best friend!



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