Teaching My Boys to Sew

Growing up sewing was a woman’s job. My mother made my dresses and matching hair-bows. She carefully pieced together fancy western style shirts for my dad. She made shorts for me on hot summer days, and little outfits for my Barbies. My grandmother cross stitched and crocheted on the sofa every evening. She saved scraps and made them into beautiful quilts.

I always assumed this was a woman’s world. A hobby to give women a moment of peace, or a chance to gather in groups and gossips and chat as hands worked together to make stunning creations. I was thrown off guard when my son asked for sewing kits for Christmas. Who was I to question, though, I had never put stereotypes on my children or boxes of confinement for them to stay inside.

And so began the journey of teaching my boys to sew. 

We bought the boys cross stitch kits as stocking stuffers and began to show them how to stitch. Before long they were becoming creative and making their own patterns.

These two pictures are some of the ones they came up with on their own.

I didn’t stop with one type of sewing, but rather began to show them simple stitching for fixing holes in their shirts, and teddy bears and even how to make a pillow. No one can tell me boys can’t sew, or shouldn’t sew.

Sure the boys don’t gather with their friends for gossiping and sewing bees. But they do use their

quiet time to throw in a few stitches. And make creative, beautiful art no different than the ladies I grew up watching .

The boys have taught me a few things too. They taught me I should never assume… not that my boys wouldn’t want to do something, nor that they can’t do something.

They taught me that sewing can be fun, not just a chore.

And they taught me that no one is bound by guidelines, that it is okay to go outside the box and find what makes you happy.

If you are looking to pick up sewing as your next hobby, new hobby, or only hobby…. I recommend Teach you to Sew

Just finishing a project, comment below and share with us your artwork!!

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