Adding a Dog to the Family

Growing up we had dogs. They were more than pets, they were my brothers (just ask my mom).We celebrated birthdays, rode in the back of the truck together, took vacations as a family with our dogs, and when they passed on we had a funeral service. Yes, our dogs were more than just pets, they were a true extension of our family.

When my own kids came along I wanted to give them the a dog to love. This wasn’t as easy as finding a dog and bringing it home. We had many dogs pass through our doors before we finally found the dog that became our kids best friend.

So let me give some advice to the family looking to add a dog.

1)- Do your research. Find out what kind of dog fits your lifestyle, environment and  kids. Not all breeds enjoy young children, or other pets; some breeds need large spaces, while others are okay with apartment life. If you are adding an outside dog, match the breed with the weather you have, some like the cold, while others like the heat.

2)- Meet your doggie to be. Go to the pound, shelter, or breeders and meet some of the puppies. You will know if you have found the one for you. Trust me, your heart will melt.

3)- Raise your puppy with your kids. Make them a part of the family. Please don’t keep them tied up or locked away. Your puppy (dog) will want to run and play and socialize with your family.

4)- Teach your kids how to treat animals. It sounds silly, but kids will play rough and tease. You will have to teach them how to interact with your new puppy.

5)- Start buying your puppies gear. Your vet can recommend food and products geared towards your puppies breed.  You can also research online, read reviews and get opinions.  One of our favorite collars is found at Dog It comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and patterns. It is well made, and sturdy, yet completely beautiful! #petantastic

6)- Fall in love and share your home and heart. Dogs can be a wonderful addition to your home. They can teach your kids responsibility, compassion and friendship.

We found our companion in a Chihuahua named Mary. She’s just as spoiled as our kids and just as loved.

Be warned,  Chihuahua’s are hyper, bark a lot and need lots of space to run. But they can be great pets. They are small so they travel easily without taking up the entire backseat. They love to run and play with the kids, ours even loves to swim in the river and lake with the kids, and she has enjoy a canoe trip or two.

Mary is assured many years of love from my kids, just as my dog from childhood did. I hope you find your new family member and are blessed with many years of love. If you already have your doggie, comment with a picture! We would love to see your dogs!

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