Dressing Up

After raising four boys, I have finally given in to the fact that my two girls may not be tomboys. These girls had more fun from wearing their matching outfits from Sparkle in Pink than any other outfits I have ever purchased them.

Maybe because I never had a sister, or because I was raised a farm girl, but raising little girls is foreign to me! The fact they have four older brothers compounds this. Add that to my blue jean and t-shirt wardrobe and my girls were destine to a live of worn out denim and 90’s hair.

That was until we stumbled across the website Sparkle in Pink.

Never being one to spend a fortune on clothing, or to dress my kids in boutique styles I was hesitant to spend much, so we place dour first order with just one set of matching outfits for the girls to wear to their dad’s softball games. To say I am impressed would be an understatement.

  The shirts were soft and the fit was perfect! The shorts covered nicely, not too short and not unfashionable long, the little red balls were cute and the girls liked that they were dainty and gave the athletic outfits a dainty feel. My older daughter exclaimed that she was a cheerleader now!

I am also proud to say that even running crazy all evening in a rain shower while their dad played the girls white shirts came out of the wash this morning looking bright and beautiful! Sparkle in Pink will be our new go to site.

The clothing is not expensive either. I went back and forth today from big chain stores to Sparkle in Pink comparing prices and was happy to see that some of the clearance prices were the same, and the regular prices were not much different. Most pieces on Sparkle in Pink’s site are $10-$20 and you can earn points on your purchases for free items and free shipping on future purchases.

The girls have already picked out their entire summer wardrobe and filled my shopping cart so we will have many more cute outfits to share and while they may match now, I am excited to be buying quality products that will last from one sister to another.

For those of you who have a better grasp on dressing fashionably than myself, they offer Mommy & Me outfits and a selection of cute things for younger boys as well as accessories to pair with the girls clothing.

Do yourself and your daughter a favor and see what Sparkle in Pink has to offer! Visit through this link to get $5 off your first purchase!

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