The Magic of Unicorns

Unicorns have sparked magic in the thoughts of little girls since my childhood, and long before.

Upon finding out that there was a day set aside to celebrate unicorns, we ordered a fabulous set of cake decor to enjoy the sweeter side of Unicorn Day!

The girls and I mixed up a multi-colored cake. Laughing and dyeing our fingers from all the batter licking. We baked it inside a Pampered Chef bowl giving it a slightly unicorn shaped head, and began whipping up some icing in black, white and pink to form or unicorn.

Now we do not claim ability to decorate like a pro. But we will claim to have fun and enjoy the experience of decorating rather than buying for such occasions. This would be our advice to you! Get in the kitchen with your kids and start playing.

Try something new, have fun doing it and laugh a lot when the mishaps happen. Don’t fret that you aren’t a┬áprofessional. Instead enjoy that you can spend time with your kids teaching them new talents, even if you haven’t mastered them!

We found the horn and ears on Amazon and they were perfect for a beginner like myself. They would be even better for a professional!! They made creating the horse so easy, I don’t have to worry about the 2 hardest pieces to make for the cake, and the best part is they are reusable, so eventually I will have enough practice to create an amazing cake. Until then, though my daughter was thrilled (as you can see) with her unicorn cake and celebrated Unicorn Day with a delicious dessert!

Want to order your own Cake Decorating Set? Just click the link to get your own Princess Worthy Unicorn cake set! Set comes with everything pictured below!

Unicorn Cake Set

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