Time to Revisit Fishing Hole

Spring has arrived and that means the lakes and rivers are thawing out and the fish are biting! My boys can’t wait to get back out on the banks and start casting a line! So we starting to add to our tackle collection!

Moving to a new area we are being introduced to a whole new type of fishing and breeds of fish… They are animals, so I am assuming they are classified by breed!

We tried our hand at ice fishing, now it is time to do some river and lake fishing and start filling our freezer with the harvest. That is if the kids don’t eat them all around the campfire before we get home!

We got our first tackle of the season on Amazon last week. Although, my husband has laid claim to the newest treasure, the kids and I thought we would give it the first try.

The lure is large, brightly colored, has two nice hooks to keep my fish on the line (since I am not so great at setting in) and is sure to give us an enjoyable fishing trip & a nice fish for supper.

Now I am no expert, and with my husband being out of town we are going to be as surprised as the next guy on what we catch with this beautiful piece! It is pretty large so I am hoping to catch the big one!!


Click the link below to get yours!

Order Yours Today!

We are going to find our new little fishing hole and giving it a try, I recommend you do the same and let me know what you catch!!




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