Women are tough, because it is tough to be a woman.

This world isn’t easy on women. We have as set of ideals to live up to. A list of daily activities we are expected to do. It is hard.

Hard to be a mom, hard to be a wife… it is simply hard to be a woman.

Being a woman in today’s society, we have to look a certain way, talk a certain way, act a certain way. It is all set out for us. When we fail to abide by the guidelines of society we are judged. We are mocked. We are torn down. Not just by men. But by our families, by our peers, by our spouses, by the media, and yes, even by other women.

Listen, Ladies, doesn’t have to be this way. We should be lifting each other up. Finding the beauty and perfection in each others flaws.

When your daughter is opinionated and you are fighting with her; stop and tell her she is strong and will conquer the world with her words one day.

When your wife rolls out of bed, her body scared and worn from bearing your children, her hair a mess and her eyes dark from the lack of sleep from caring for your children; place your hand on her cheek, kiss her and tell her she is gorgeous.

When your friend is standing in front of you, tears rolling down her cheeks, her life a wreck; smile at her and tell her she will be okay, she has all the strength she needs to get through this.

When you see the mother in the store, barely clinging to her sanity, kids running wild, trying to ignore a tantrum, worried about how she is going to pay for the groceries in her cart, still wearing her pajamas from the night before; quit judging her, give her some hope, tell her we have all been there, smile, ask if she needs a hand with anything, tell her she has a beautiful smile, make her feel valid.

When you look in the mirror, don’t see what the world tells you to see; look at all the good inside you, the fire that burns inside your soul, look at what your child sees, beauty, perfection, love. Love yourself.

It starts with you. It starts with us, women. Women are strong, we are stronger than we realize. Every day we function on little sleep. We work, we run errands, we pay bills. We are cook, cleaner, secretary, maid and daycare. We push our needs and wants and dreams to the side for our kids, our families our husbands. It is time we realized our value.


It is time we saw how beautiful we are. It is not the clothes, the hair, the makeup; it is the fact we are woman and we are strong that makes us beautiful. It is our hearts, our souls that make us glow. We can smile through the tears. Fix ourselves up so the world never sees how down we really are. We hide behind our false personas. Let the world see you, in all your flawed perfection, and learn to love each other in all of theirs.


Women are strong, they are tough, because of this we can change the world. Change it with love and encouragement. Build each other up and show the world, you are perfect just the way you are.

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