Easter Eggs

How to Dye an Easter Egg

The kids got crafty today and attempted a few new ways to dye Easter Eggs.  Our first attempt was the silk dye eggs. Only one of them actually turned out. So my advice… use lots of vinegar and make sure you are using real silk. The one that came out, was pretty, so it will be worth trying again!

Boil your water. Wrap each egg in a piece of silk and then wrap a piece of white cloth or terry cloth over it and rubber band or tie it off at the top. Drop it in the boiling water and boil for 20 minutes. When it cools off take the cloth off and you will have (hopefully) beautiful eggs!



Our second attempt was a little more science and a little less Easter Egg!!! We put an egg in a mason jar of vinegar. Let it set for 7 to 8 days and you will have a bouncy, strange, stinky, egg. It really does feel like rubber and it has an odd look about it. The picture is the egg on day 4. It has grown slightly and it is yellow in color. The kids enjoyed watching the shell

as it slowly peeled off like a snake skin.




We had a few bumps int he road and a couple eggs were lost in the making!!
Then we tried the shaving cream dye method!! By far my favorite! The kids loved rolling the eggs around int he colors and playing with the foam! This was easy and fun!

Just spread some shaving cream on a tray or plate, and drop food coloring on it in random places. Then let the kids have at it. They can roll the boiled eggs in the mess and when wiped off you will have beautifully dyed eggs to hide!







Ouhttps://youtu.be/KzPUF_C0xPcr final project was rice dyed eggs. This is perfect for a toddler or younger child, but just as fun for older kids as well. You fill a Ziploc bag with rice and add dye of your color. Then just put your boiled eggs in the bag one at a time and shake, shake, shake!!

These eggs turned out really cute and were easy!





I hope you enjoyed seeing our projects as much as we enjoyed making them! Let me know if you try any of these and how yours turned out!! We would love to see your versions!


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