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I love to travel. The sights, the smells, the cultures, the experiences. Just to check off the places one by one in my mind. Over the years I have seen the world, well mostly the America’s, but I’ve racked up 34 states and 19 countries. But I had never actually sat down to count, or marked them off on more than my mind. Not until I came across this beautiful map.

Now, I love to travel, but I also love history, and geography… with that comes my love for maps. So, this map was more than a chance to mark off those journeys. It was a beautiful piece of decor for my home!

I debated marking all my journeys. But settled with marking only those Jeff and I have made together. There is something i have learned the past four years with that man… the journey you make together is the only journey that matters.

I was so surprised to see how many states we had traveled to together… and the scratch off map has inspired me to make those states keep tallying up.

One day I want to frame this gorgeous map, but not until we have crossed off every adventure on our to do list…

Let the adventure begin… and keep track of your our journey with your own beautiful map from…
Scratch Off Map Poster

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