Center of the Nation

There is nothing like nature to ease the stresses of life. The beauty, calmness, peace of being alone in the giant world surrounding you. Nature is somewhere our family loves to get lost.

Years ago, before the kids, and even after the birth of the first, we traveled to far away places, soaked in fancy tubs, enjoyed massages, swam on exotic beaches, then the twins came, and the girls followed and those trips became distant memories… but our desire to see the world did not dissipate.

We just found a new way to experience; to travel; to create memories. We discovered National Parks, Museums, State Parks, Waterways, Campsites, Hiking, Biking, Rock Hounding: we discovered Nature.  Having a big family there is no better way to travel on a dime, than to expose yourself and your family to the great outdoors.

One of my favorite places is in the Center of the Nation. Just outside of a small town in South Dakota, sits a depression era man-made lake, Orman. We are never disappointed with the beauty of this lake, and tend to venture back to it’s shores again and again.

I highly recommend you find your own Orman, that place where you can find beauty and relaxation and take a deep breathe letting the stresses and worries roll off. And if you ever find yourself in the Center of the Nation, in that small town, head north and take a right on HWY 212 you will find the place I love the most… pitch camp and stay a night or two, throw a line and catch your supper and don’t forget your binoculars, the wildlife is spectacular! 

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