In all my Flawed Perfection

Welcome to my world. Crazy, hectic, overwhelming; full of beauty, life and joy; moments of sorrow, tears and fears. Welcome to motherhood in the 22nd Century. To working, full-time/part-time, behind the scenes as a full-time Mommy. To midnight feedings, I’m talking about your midnight snack, not the baby’s bottle; to the worries, the stresses, the life as mom. Welcome to my world.

Life doesn’t always find us at our prettiest. Being a mother certainly doesn’t point out our perfections. My hope with my new venture in writing this blog, is that by laying my life on the line and sharing all my flaws, that you will see the perfections of motherhood. That through every stumble, fall, and scar, there is a story of triumph, joy and laughter. And that no matter how flawed you are, you are to your child, perfection.

Welcome to Flawed Perfection… 


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